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February 13, 2006



well you had better GET blogging! still waiting for part 2 on the pink elephant. . .


Hey John! Thanks for the update.

I watched the CCSP video. WOW! Years ago when Eric and I first got married he took me to Westmont College (his alma-mater) for a visit. All I could think as I walked around their campus was that I wished I had known you could choose to go to college in a place that beautiful. It astounded me that I had lived to be almost 30 years old yet had no idea places like Santa Barbara existed! Well, that's how I felt watching the CCSP video. I had no idea opportunities like that existed...the video is breathtaking. It makes Belize look like the Garden of Eden. Excellent job, sir!

My only other thought with your post is that the heading made me giggle. My twin bro and I watched "The Shining" way too often in our formative years. So my brain immediately began chanting "all editing and no blogging makes John a dull boy".

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