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February 21, 2006


Jeff the Ex-Computer-Guy-Now-X-Ray-Tech-Student

Life here in Binghamton is pretty dull - we only get a shooting about once every month or two...!! Speaking of shooting -- switching to shooting movies / TV instead of bullets -- did you know that Binghamton is where Rod Serling was raised? There's a yearly Rod Serling Film Festival held here, where local filmographers get a chance to display their creations to the public.


One thing is for certain - life on the West Side is never dull! When we first moved to the suburbs I couldn't sleep at night. It took me a few nights to figure out that it was because it was so quiet out here. Back in the early 90's Eric and I lived a couple of blocks from Times Square and I loved going to sleep at night with all the noise and energy of the city going on around us. Part of me really misses that.

Anyway - in spite of (or perhaps because of) the drama of the city, God sure seems to love showing off there! Some of our most intense experiences in the city were also the times God was most present and moved most dramatically. So that's the prayer we're praying for you, brother! That God would continue to be as real and as present to you as the sirens and commotion. Someday we'll have to sit down over a cup of coffee and swap stories, because I suspect you've got some great ones!

Have a great day and hope to see you on Saturday!

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