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May 22, 2007




Just incredible work....Very well done. FYI, I sent your film over to WGRZ's news dept.
Let's see what happens..


Just watched the film on the Fix Buffalo Today blog. IT WAS AWESOME! Dude, you are so STINKING good at telling a story in your films.

I'm not gonna do justice to your talent but your films create this whole mood and feeling and you capture the neatest moments with people. Like that moment when Rod threw the copper pipe down or when the woman from the Massachusetts Avenue Project scrunched up her face with delight when she was talking about "...rural farms in idyllic settings..." Your films always give us these tiny moments where someone reveals an entire universe about themselves in one quiet comment.

Remember in "Almost Elvis" when the janitor smelled the urine cake and called it "cherry flavored?" Yeah. That was another of those moments. Those are the moments when you make us fall in love with your subjects.

Anyway - just wanted to tell you that. You're awesome! Can't wait to see more life through your eyes! Hope I didn't embarass you too much with this gushing review!

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