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February 12, 2008



Elvis forever!!!!!


The best Elvis Presley impersonators in the world gathered, especially those who could not be meeting in Las Vegas or Memphis for Elvis week, putting his music and his style in the official station ETA set off with a big top ten artists and that evaluate the voice, style, and creativity, much of the hand with the influence of Presley in American popular music.
This list is the best tribute to the King of rock, found with great surprise that the first place was taken by a Colombian named Marco Tulio Sanchez, who showed with the amount of songs in their repertoire had to be the Best for 1995 . Followed by a host of top talent. Here is the list of all investigative:

1. Marco, from Colombia
2. Johnny Harra
3. Dana McKay
4. Jimmy Ellis "Orion"
5. Johnny Thompson
6. Brian Childs from New Zeland
7. Lou Vuto
8. Robert Wong
9. Trent Carlini
10. Dean vegas from Canada

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