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February 05, 2008



Well if it is McCain (and it is still not clear it will be) it will be a historic moment for the Republican party. James Dobson has vowed to stay home and not vote. Ann Coulter has said whe would vote for Mrs. Clinton over Mr. McCain. Rush won't vote for McCain. Former Republican speaker DeLay has said he would sit the election out. The influential Senator Rick Santorum has said he would not back McCain for president: "I served 12 years with him - John McCain was not only against us, but leading the charge on the other side." So this is remarkable, uncharted territory for the Republican Party. And it is why I never thought McCain would clinch it, and it is why there is still some doubt even as he appears to have it all but sewn up.

I always thought it would be Hillary Clinton - but her recent money trouble is a bad sign. It may be the Obama might be raising WAY more money at this point. If that is true, look for him to slowly pull ahead.

Why didn't things work out for Romney? I think he blew his wad too early. He spent tons and tons of cash on ads before anyone else. I think he would have been better served to go out and campaign on the ground in NH and Iowa, allow America to 'discover' him, and then use the cash to amplify that initial traction. Instead, ALL of his early popularity was just a fiction built on TV ads.

There are states coming up next that would not be impossible for Huckabee to mount a last gasp challenge: Kansas is legitimately part of the bible belt (39); same for Louisiana (47); and Washington state is where Pat Robertson once won the Republican primary! (40). Huckabee could also conceivably win Virginia, home schooling capital of Ameria (63 delegates). These next four states would give him enough delegates to become a legitimate McCain stopper. At that point, McCain haters might ride the Huckabee horse.



It is McCain, Hillary.
As it was said it would be back in 2000 after GWB won.

Bloomberg has nothing to offer. He is the same as Hillary and Obama but with a D next to his name.

His viability was based on his ability to battle Giuliani.

With Giuliani out, there is no need for Bloomberg to run.

Romney is out. And in the McCain v. Huckabee race, Huckabee will eventually bow out graciously, if not in the next few days, then definitely before convention time.

On the Democratic side, it is Hillary. She just has more support. I don't know why. Maybe it is easier to sell experience than hope. And that is what she has to do.

The question of a third party is still a good one. But the third party has to find an issue that the democrats and republicans agree on, and that the populace can get passionate about.

The obvious issues are already being addressed: War, economy, health care, immigration.

There are few issues left on the table; not being discussed by candidates of either party:
education, corporate crime, environment.

Hillary and Obama are both pro nuclear and pro ethanol.

And obviously pro corporate crime.

The question is: can the masses get passionate about these issues?

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